The Google Maps API Open Source Their Selenium Test Suite

As announced on their testing blog, and on the Google Maps developers blog, the Google Maps API team have open sourced their Selenium test suite.

Why should we care at Ubuntu?

Openness is always good news but I think having these tests publicly available is great news for the testing community. It is not that common that software companies open their test suites. Even more, there are many projects that being FOSS, have their tests closed. It is just a matter of culture, people keep thinking that testing should be something that a developer or a tester do behind the scene. We do need to change our minds, testing is just another step in the software development process and should be as open as software code.

Also, we could learn a lot from these tests about how to structure a Selenium suite and we could use this knowledge to test our own web applications, like Launchpad, or the ISO testing tracker.


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