Testing Days for new features

At the QA team we are going to organize Testing Days to cover new features for Jaunty.
It has happened before that a new feature well documented with its blueprint and its spec never gets tested and it happens to have a major bug that it is only found very late in the cycle.

We are trying to minimize these cases organizing special Testing Days to cover such features. So, if you’re developing a new feature and want it to be tested in a Testing Day, please, add the feature to the list in the wiki, so we can schedule it.

We will soon announce the next Testing Day and instructions on how to participate in helping to make Ubuntu better.


  1. That seems to be a great idea. It would also be nice to get the people on the jaunty section of the forums involved, a lot of people there are testing/using jaunty and could provide good feedback.

    A little question: somehow all your posts show up on planet ubuntu with just a few lines. Could this be changed to the whole post?

  2. Thanks for letting me know. It seems related to WordPress having the full content out from the description tag. Does anybody know how to solve this?