LDTP 1.5 is out (and in Jaunty)

As announced in the LDTP mailing list, LDTP 1.5 is out.

This new release contains some nifty new features:

  • Log all failures and take screenshot on each failure
  • Create default log file in /tmp/ldtp-$USER
  • Screenshot using pygtk, instead of ImageMagick import, when possible
  • Added new api – appundertest

We are specially happy for the screenshot feature, for which we had specially pushed for, to have better reporting options. You can see an example of a report at the QA site.

Also, if you’re running Jaunty, you can start using LDTP 1.5 new features with ubuntu-desktop-testing, using the reporting_ldtp_1.5 branch (soon to be merge into trunk), as LDTP 1.5. is already in the archive :-)

Thanks Nagappan and the rest of the LDTP dev team for the best LDTP release to date!


  1. Fabian, thanks for noticing.
    Well, it is the intended behavior if and only if tests were running in the same server containing the screenshots.

    I will change the tests to point to relative paths.

    • Jason, Aaron post can be more or less relevant or valid, I agree in some of the things he says, and some I don’t.
      But in this particular case, my post is part of a blog called “Let’s test Ubuntu now!”, therefore, it is supposed that all content is related to Ubuntu somehow, and I can skip saying Ubuntu all the time, if the meaning can be guessed from the context.