Testing automation meetings

If you search for software testing automation in your favourite search engine you will find a lot of matches about testing automation of web applications, lots of proprietary software to test proprietary desktop software, lots of FOSS to test web applications and some blogs about testing proprietary desktop software.

What about testing desktop FOSS? How do I find people interested in these topics? Is there anybody out there? Hello?

Fortunately, there is a growing community in the FOSS world interested in testing desktop applications automatically. To try to keep things going, we are having weekly meetings at #ubuntu-testing (irc.freenode.org) every Wednesday at 16:30UTC, running for half an hour.

If you are interested in these topics, please, join us and feel free to add any items you may want to discuss to the agenda.


  1. This is good to see — I recognize those search results!

    I will not be able to make IRC meetings. Will you be posting the logs and/or the results?