Upgrade testing. Planning ahead

As you may already know, next Ubuntu release, Lucid Lynx (10.04) is an LTS release.

For testers this means one important thing: upgrades should be smooth from either Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) or latest Ubuntu LTS release (8.04, Hardy Heron).

As we all know, nowadays, computer storage is very very cheap, but bandwidth is not. Later in the cycle we are going to need to test as many upgrades from Hardy and Karmic as possible. So, why not planning ahead and start downloading today Hardy and Karmic images? The unstoppable Shane Fagan has started doing so already! You rock!

Later in the cycle you will be able to easily install Hardy or Karmic in a spare machine or a virtual machine and upgrade from there. You will have part of the work done. And you can start contributing to your beloved distribution just now :-)

Other releases from Ubuntu derivatives can be found at:


  1. Well, I have been running Lucid on my laptop since it first started to become available a few weeks ago. I guess that makes me a tester. Great! I am finally able to do something for the community. :)


  2. I’ll be there with you just as soon as my back is somewhere near fixed :(

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