Alpha 2 week ahead

This week is a release week. On Thursday, the Release Team will be releasing Maverick Alpha 2, the second development release for this cycle. As every release week, this is going to be a busy one.

  • I am syncing my ISO images to have them more or less prepared when the first candidate images start to appear. I am using dl-ubuntu-test-iso to sync my ISOs. If you want to use it as well, you just need to install the ubuntu-qa-tools package.
  • I am going to prepare some VM machines with different flavours of Lucid on it, to test the upgrades to Maverick as soon as possible.
  • I will spend most of the week testing the different images and reporting back my findings to the ISO tracker. If you want to help with ISO testing this week, make sure you read the documentation first.
  • On Friday, once Maverick Alpha 2 is released, I will be upgrading my own machine to Maverick.


    • It seems that wordpress is filtering out my apturl. To install the package you can just:

      sudo apt-get install ubuntu-qa-tools