GUADEC 2010 Videos

This year, due to family commitments, I was unable to attend GUADEC. Although the reason why I couldn’t attend made me very happy, I also was sad by the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to attend one my favourites FOSS conferences.

Happily, and thanks to Flumotion,  the videos are now available for download.

I have started downloading some of them and, of course, the first talk that I watched was the one given by my good friend, excellent hacker and accessibility advocate, Eitan Isaacson. In his talk, Eitan explains in a non technical way, why it is important to have accessibility in mind when designing any kind of products: from buildings to software. If you are a software designer or developer, I really recommend watching his talk. I am sure you will start thinking about accessibility when designing your next application.


  1. Have you tried watching anything? I guess nobody has.
    Why not name the damn things, like Debian, Ubuntu and KDE do? For example I want to see Owens talk about Gnome3 and I download 29th Paris room 14:30-15:30. WRONG. No Gnome3 and no Owen.

    I guess there were changes in the schedule/rooms and now everybody is download 10 Gigs worth of video and search for what he wants.

    • I understand your frustration, and I guess they will edit it sooner or later. I don’t believe comments like yours will make it any faster.

      As I said in my post, I watched Eitan’s talk with no problems.

  2. Some of the videos don’t show anything but hours of an empty conference room. If comments like these don’t help, who should I contact?

  3. Hi,

    How do you read them with Ubuntu 10.4, please? Any extra software to download?

  4. Thanks for the pitch! I can’t believe I only found this now. Hope to see you in the next GUADEC. E