Bye, bye Ubuntu Ready – Hello Ubuntu Friendly!

Discontinuing Ubuntu Ready

If a user goes to the Ubuntu certification site, what he or she will find, apart from a list of certified systems, two different types of certification Ubuntu Certified and Ubuntu Ready.

Having two commercial hardware validation programs confuses the customer, as it is quite difficult to understand the differences between the two. For this, an other problems with the programme, we have decided to discontinue the Ubuntu Ready programme in 11.10.

Presenting Ubuntu Friendy

Instead of just removing Ubuntu Ready, we would like to start a non-commercial new hardware validation programme, created by Canonical, and with co-ordination with the rest of the community. This new programme is called Ubuntu Friendly (although the name might change).

The great thing about this new Ubuntu programme is that it will be completely community driven. There won’t be any commercial requirements for systems to be Ubuntu Friendly.

Although all the specifics of the programme will be discussed at UDS Oneiric, the basic ideas of the programme are:

  • Anyone will be able to test their systems and provide test results.
  • Anyone will be able to review and provide feedback on the results (something like triaging bugs in the Bugsquad). All the test results will be public (except those made it private by the certifiers)
  • Only a small subset of people (certifiers) will be able issue the Ubuntu Friendly certificate, based on results (in the same way Bug Control is a subset of the Bugsquad that have more permissions to work with Ubuntu bugs). There will be a formal and specified way to apply to be a certifier.
  • Many positive results (and not just one) for a given model and hardware configuration will be needed to mark the system as Ubuntu Friendly.
  • All the client tools to test Ubuntu, and the tests themselves, will be open source.

UDS Oneiric

Most of the specifics of the programme will be discussed during UDS Oneiric, during two sessions, on Wednesday:

This blueprint will contain the work needed to be done in terms of the programme itself: description of the programme, governance, etc.

This blueprint will contain the work needed to be done in terms of the technical infrastructure that is required to make the programme possible: testing tools, backend infrastructure, etc.

If you are interested in hardware validation and would like to share your ideas and make this project possible, feel free to subscribe to the blueprint and attend the sessions at UDS. And remember that remote participation is also possible!


  1. I missed this post until just now, probably because Ubuntu Ready didn’t ring enough bells in my head. From the sounds of it, this will solve that problem quite beautifully. Really looking forward to where it goes! :)

    Do you think Ubuntu Friendly could be used as a basis for testing new releases? As something community driven (and somewhat automated, from the sounds of it), I wonder if it would be a nice way to spot regressions, and maybe to ensure every device known to work with Ubuntu has been tested with Ubuntu+1.

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