Ubuntu Friendly Squad

Some weeks ago we announced the Ubuntu Friendly programme, a new community driven HW validation programme. We had at UDS a couple of sessions about it and we were very happy to see that a lot of people were interested in participating.

I am happy to announce today that we have created the Ubuntu Friendly Squad team to start participating in the programme.  This programme is on its very early stages and almost everything needs to be implemented and organized. People joining the team at this stage are people willing to work in shaping the idea behind the programme, its tools, its governance, etc. If you prefer to wait until the programme is more organized, that’s totally fine: Ubuntu Friendly Squad will always be open to join, we just decided to create the team a bit earlier, as there were many people at UDS willing to participate. The team has a mailing list to start discussing what needs to be done to kick it off, so make sure to subscribe and start the discussions. I have also created a project in Launchpad, to be able to use it to organize our tasks and tools.

One of our first tasks will be discussing how people in the Ubuntu Friendly Squad can be part of Ubuntu Friendly Control, the administrator of the programme, and propose that to the Community Council.