Auto Regulated Results in Ubuntu Friendly

Picture by Javier Mcallan

One of the things that we will need to discuss and decide to run the Ubuntu Friendly programme is what makes a particular system Ubuntu Friendly. Obviously, one of the ways to do this is to make the Ubuntu Friendly Control review the submissions that are considered complete and correct and determine whether those results are enough to consider the system Ubuntu Friendly.

This, obviously, scale badly if the number of submissions grow to a number that make the revisions of submissions the bottleneck of the programme.

The other option, that I think we should explore is create a way to auto regulate results, partly manually and partly automatically. Think On that site, people asking questions can accept or reject answers from people, answers can be voted up or down, etc. The same way, I foresee an Ubuntu Friendly site where people from the Ubuntu Friendly Squad could:

  • Reject results that are incomplete or invalid
  • Vote up results that are complete
  • Ask for more information to the tester, if some discrepancies are found
  • etc.

With this information, an algorithm could then decide whether a particular system is Ubuntu Friendly or not. The details of that decision would always be public. For example:

Thinkpad 420s is Ubuntu Friendly.
Details: 5 positive results (3 voted up), 1 negative result (1 voted down, 1 incomplete).

Of course, at any point, members of the Ubuntu Friendly Control could override the algorithm decision, and remove a system from the list of Ubuntu Friendly if necessary.

One comment

  1. Surely a laptop is Ubuntu unfriendly if any part of it doesn’t work? (possibly excluding shortcut keys on keyboards)