Translations needed

Last week, and thanks to the efforts of Brendan (among others), a lot of tests that used to be private were moved to Checkbox, the tool that we are going to use to test Ubuntu for the Ubuntu Friendly project, and are now public.

This means that a lot of new strings are ready to be translated:

We want Ubuntu Friendly to be as open as possible and that involves having the tests translated to as many languages as possible. We are aiming to collect as many results as possible, so allowing people who don’t speak English to test their systems and provide results is a very desirable feature.

If you speak a non-English language (or want tests to be in perfect Queen’s English), come to our translations page and submit your translation suggestions. Thanks!


  1. Can you please enable translation sharing?

    In case of Slovenian checkbox trunk is fully untranslated even though it’s almost fully translated in ubuntu oneiric.

  2. Hey Andrej,

    Sharing is enabled for checkbox, but it seems that for most projects, there needs to be some sort of data migration that wasn’t done when the feature was released.

    The Launchpad developers tell me that exporting translations from Ubuntu and uploading them to the upstream project should sort this out.

    Let me try to do this.

  3. I’d like to help to translate Checkbox, but If I’m overwrite the .mo file at /usr/share/locale-langpacks/xx/LC_MESSAGES/ (or something like that) with the downloaded (from Launchpad) .mo file, checkbox is restart my computer everytime. I tested it on two machines with Oneiric.

  4. Hi,
    I’ll focusing on Arabic translation of checkbox, I’ll ask other translators to give a hand too, I hope we finish it soon.