Core components in Ubuntu Friendly for 11.10

Yesterday we had our first meeting to start nailing down the Ubuntu Friendly programme. It was a great meeting, with lots of participation from both Canonical and non Canonical people.

Meeting logs and summary are available at the wiki.

One of the things that was agreed was the final separation of core and extra components.  The final list looks like (the tick represents a core component):

This list is the final list for Ubuntu 11.10 and was mainly based on a survey we conducted within the Ubuntu Friendly community.

We will improve coverage and might modify core components for future releases based on the feedback we get in the first Ubuntu Friendly release.


  1. A little OT, but is the an official list of “Works With Ubuntu” devices on the Canonical or Ubuntu websites? If not, there should be, unless the number of devices in that category is embarrassingly small.

  2. Question: isn’t the point of certification to guarantee that everything works? Otherwise, what’s the point of giving certification?

    • Ubuntu Friendly is not a hardware certification programme, it is just a community driven hardware validation.
      Systems are not Friendly or not Friendly, they just get a rating.
      I will post something this week explaining the difference.

  3. I’m a bit surprised that optical devices didn’t make the list of core components for a laptop. If an “Ubuntu friendly” laptop has a CD drive, I expect to be able to boot from a live CD to install Ubuntu in the first place!

    CDs are still the best way to install Ubuntu onto a PC. Preparing a boot-able USB stick is easy enough under Ubuntu with Startup Disk Creator, but it’s still harder than it should be under Windows or OS X.

    I look forward to the day when we can realistically expect all laptops and desktop to suspend and hibernate properly, it’s sad to see we’re not there yet.

  4. @Flimm – I disagree that an optical drive is a core component. USB keys are much more handy for sneakernetting.

    Having said that, I still install off of cds. Hm…