Ubuntu Friendly is not a certification programme (and other misconceptions)

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about what the Ubuntu Friendly programme is and what it is not. People tend to think that Ubuntu Friendly is a certification programme and, because of this, they obviously don’t understand the idea behind core and extra components.

Let’s try to clarify things a bit with a small FAQ:

Is Ubuntu Friendly a certification programme?

No. Ubuntu Friendly is not a certification programme. UF is a community driven hardware validation programme. Its goal is to have a list of systems that people have tested with a particular release of Ubuntu and an associated rating, based on the results of their testing.

Let’s say is the next generation HardwareSupport wiki pages (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops), but with a better structure, as the tests will be written upfront, and the process to get a rating for a system will be the same for every system.

What does it mean that a system is Ubuntu Friendly?

Nothing, as there is not such concept. Ubuntu Friendly is just the name of the programme and yes, it was chosen because of the concept of a system being Ubuntu friendly (working fine with Ubuntu), but there won’t be a classification of systems that gained the Ubuntu Friendly status or not.

Instead of that, any system tested with the testing tools that we provide will make it to the Ubuntu Friendly list, with a rating associated with it. The rating will be between 0 and 5, that will give the user of the Ubuntu Friendly list an overview of how well a system works with Ubuntu and how many people have tested it.

Will this substitute the Ubuntu Certification Programme?

No. Ubuntu Friendly is not a certification programme and it won’t substitute the current Ubuntu Certification Programme. The UCP is a commercial certification programme, run by Canonical, and it will be still available for commercial partners. Opposite to the Ubuntu Friendly programme, the UCP is a go/no-go decision. A system is certified with Ubuntu or it is not, there are no ratings. To be certified with Ubuntu the system must pass all the tests specified in the UCP coverage list.

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