Ubuntu Friendly sprinting! (Tuesday)

Yesterday was a great day in the UF sprint and we got a lot of stuff done. I will summarize the interesting bits.

Ubuntu Friendly Website

As I said on the previous post, we still needed a way to visualize what components are working and which are not (to a certain level). To achieve that we have created a new “details” page, once you click on “more” on the configuration page.

That page will give you two pieces of information. First, it will show the complete list of components that were reported for that configuration:

On that list you will see the core components on the top (the ones we use to distinguish a configuration from another one) and a list of the rest of components found in all the units that were reported.

The second piece of information are the results that were reported per component:

On this view you will see the number of people that reported that a particular component was working and a percentage. We will have some colour code for the percentage, to have a quick visual view of it.

The “Related Bugs” tab is just a way of saying that this view could be extended in the future, but currently this is out of the scope for this release.


On the client side we also made some important progress. We finished mapping tests to components, so we can know which components are failing and which ones are passing.

We just merged our changes into checkbox trunk and we hope to have it uploaded to Oneiric early next week.


  1. Just for clarification, in this mock-up are the 80 users testing the i3 M330 or only the i3 M330 specifically on the Lenovo X220?

    Would it be possible to merge the Users Report and the Configuration tabs together? This can be done by changing the component name (CPU, Video, HD etc..) to icons and then placing the component name beside it. It would also be great to see number of users who tested and number of bugs linked to that components right off the bat.

    || [CPU_ICON] Intel i3 M330 @2.13GHz || 75% || 80 Users || 2 (Open) Bugs ||

    Related bugs (out of scope but very needed) can then be removed as a tab as well. Clicking on the component can bring the to a page where we can see related bugs, comments/workarounds.

    • In the mock up is 80 users testing the i3 M330 on the Lenovo X220. That page arrives, once you click on the details for the X220.

      Merging Users report and configuration is a feature that might be on the roadmap for the next release, but it is not as simple as it seems, so it is out of scope for this release.