Ubuntu Friendly sprinting! (Wednesday)

Wednesday came and went! I will summarize our progresses as usual.

Ubuntu Friendly website

The website is coming together very nicely. Marc, who is working on the backend, worked closely with Mike, who is working on the frontend and they were able to communicate both, send a submission and show that information on the website. The website frontend still needs some polishing, but the basics are already there and working. One of the goals of the sprint was to have a full working solution, although not feature complete. I think we are going to make it.

Apart from this real progress we also worked a bit on new wireframes. Yesterday we got a comment on a previous post about having a mobile version of the site, as people will use their phones while shopping for a new system, to check how well they are reported to work with Ubuntu. We thought that it was a very good point, so we worked on some wireframes for the mobile version of the site:

Of course, we will focus on the desktop version first. But we will try to develop a mobile version based on these mock ups after that.


On the checkbox side we are almost done for what we expect to land in Oneiric. There is just one thing left: we are about to measure how long it takes to run the full suite for Ubuntu Friendly and we will remove the less useful tests to try to cut the running time to around 15 minutes.

Once we finish with that we will upload the new version to the archive.


  1. Hi Ara,
    I am so impressed on how transparent and inclusive your work flow is, obviously you take community feedback seriously :). Seems like you are rapidly making progress which is great. I like the mobile version a lot. Its simple, nice and tidy and to the point. I didn’t understand what the red and green buttons at the bottom do, can you explain what are those meant to be? Looking forward to read more about Ubuntu Friendly website project.

  2. Hi Ara!

    Where are the post about the other days (Thursday, Friday)? :)