Ubuntu Friendly is almost there! (and help needed!)

As weeks go by, we are getting closer and closer to Ubuntu 11.10 release and, therefore, to Ubuntu Friendly beta release.

First of all, the website is taking shape nicely and you can already see (and use!) an alpha version of the final site.

As you can see from the screenshot, right now all systems have only 1 star. This is the minimum rate a system can get (we give 1 start because, at least, it was able to install Ubuntu on it and submit results). The reason for all the submissions so far to have only 1 star is that a bug in Checkbox was preventing for one test considered to be “core” to run properly.

Call for Testing

The mentioned bug in Checkbox is fixed in our PPA and it is now ready to be used in Oneiric. If you run Oneiric it will be really helpful if you could install Checkbox from our PPA and run the full Ubuntu Friendly suite (this is the suite that runs by default).

  • Add our PPA to your software sources
  • Install the latest version of checkbox
  • Run “System Testing” on your system and submit to Launchpad

This will help us on two sides:

  • First, you will run the latest code in trunk. We are planning to release version 0.12.8 to Oneiric in a week, so this is the last time to fix critical issues. Should you find any issues during your testing, please, file a bug against Checkbox project.
  • On the server side of things, having a lot of data will help us testing the website to make sure it works fine when 11.10 gets released. Should you find any issues on the website, please, file a bug against the Ubuntu Friendly project.

Thanks for the help and I hope you are as excited as I am about the project!


    • Right now we are not thinking about backporting to 11.04.

      And yes, Participate is still to be added.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Quick question (possibly already covered): is the System Testing process automated? That is, does the user simply click “Test” (or alike) and the program runs it’s diagnostic tests and also submits them to Ubuntu Friendly? If so I’m very eager to help you guys out with this, I have 4 machines (laptops, desktops and a server) ready to submit results for once 11.10 is released officially.

  2. Hello Ara.
    Does checkbox-gtk work correctly on Kubuntu?
    I’m testing in Kubuntu Oneiric (from ppa) and some tests such as memory amount and network drivers give me only the output (in Spanish):
    Translated: $output

    Not show any value.

  3. I like the idea, but !!!!! Verification method is way too long! Ahy many tests can be reduced. You may test only with the “talk here” can terterminar if the speakers are working.

    Pairs thing I read the information very nice, however I think that should be less specific. visializada or better on the web.

    Sige ahead with the project! It’s very interesting!

    Sorry for my English

  4. This might be a really nice feature if it were added to ubuntu (and its variants) as a tool for “Detect Compatibilities” on the first run of the newly installed system.

    You make all the tests and then ask the user to “Allow the software to send the gathered data to provide then better support for its hardware”… this way you kill two birds with a single shot… just imagine how many data you can gather that way, even in raw format.

    Of course, this is just a “raw” idea too.