The first week of Ubuntu Friendly Beta

Last week, on the same day Ubuntu 11.10 got released, we launched the Beta of Ubuntu Friendly website. This is a huge milestone for us, as we will be able to collect a lot of data coming from Ubuntu users in order to fix bugs and tweak the scoring system so it is better once Ubuntu Friendly finishes its beta period (once 12.04 LTS gets released).

In the first few days we got the following numbers:

  • More than 350 submissions
  • More than 100 submissions with more than 3 stars
  • 4 submissions with 5 stars
  • 7 models with more than 1 rater

I think this is a great achievement for the first week of a beta release. Let’s hope we get many more results, feedback and bugs as possible, so Ubuntu Friendly rocks when 12.04 LTS is released!


  1. Hi Ara, thanks for sharing this information. Is there a way to participate if I don’t use 11.10 ? What about from command line ?

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  3. Hi Ara!

    If I submit a report, is there somebody who check it, or it is fully automatic? And when it will be released?

  4. I have the same question as Richard, I have run System Testing and submitted the results on 3 laptops and I can see my submissions in Launchpad, but none of the results in Ubuntu Friendly are consistent with my results.